What is TVC? Why Businesses Need To Get To TVC Advertising

TVC is an acronym for "advertisement or television commercial" or "TVad"

Today, video advertising is the best way to advertise and reach your customers. 21st century is the century of the development of the video, this form is available everywhere, every method, every size …. So why video is so effective, why TVC is used by many large businesses is the best form of advertising? Let’s go find out with Leadmachine Media !

What is TVC?

TVC is an acronym for “advertisement or television commercial” or “TVad”, the Vietnamese term for “advertising film” is a very general term for the meaning of the word.

TVC is an acronym for “advertisement or television commercial” or “TVad”

What is the form of TVC?

It is a form of film (video) that is produced and produced and must be used and disseminated on various media such as the media and the company. The goal is to promote a message, usually to advertise or promote an item or to promote, disseminate something, or convey the message that the company and advertiser want to send. customer.

The characteristics of TVC are different from those of other commercials

  • TVC’s commercials include all sounds, images, voices, etc., which directly affect the visual experience, and bring about high efficiency in product marketing, image advertising and brand image. movie, video ….
  • TVC ads can appear everywhere from families, supermarkets, restaurants, apartment buildings, office buildings, cinemas, intersections, airports, stations … and towards a large audience. .
  • Thanks to the combination of sound, picture with good script, impressive slogan … this is the key to make consumers always remember the product and stick with the product.
  • With the introduction of new products, the film introduces the product is very necessary for consumers to know the product, thereby promoting direct action to buy products of consumers.
  • Because of the high cost of TVC production, the length of the film has to be shortened to save costs. And with short adverts, product information can not be fully communicated to the consumer.
  • Small, newly established and financially-oriented businesses find it hard to pursue this type of advertising. Only businesses with strong financial strength to pursue long-term advertising and other media tools such as newspapers, newspapers, internet … to bring great effect.

And the simplest thing we can see is TVC advertising is very well invested in terms of images, content, scripts to be able to deliver the best message within 30s to 1min because of production costs as well as advertising. This is very expensive.

Where did the TVC come from?

On July 1, 1941 in New York, TVC’s first commercials appeared on NBC’s Channel 4. This is the first commercial TVC to introduce the Bulova watch and is bringing the success of this watch.

In Asia, TVC first appeared on August 28, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan on Nippon TV. And it was unexpected that this is also the first TVC advertising in Asia and also advertising a co-ordinator Seikosha and Seikosha and also the famous Seiko watch brand later.

Where did the TVC come from?

Ingredients involved in producing TVC commercials

  • Client (Client)
  • The company specializes in advertising services (Agency)
  • Production House (Production House)

But there are closed-loop production units, meaning that they both offer advertising services that are both productive and complete. In the article we will go to learn the production process in accordance with the ideal model and can say that the standard is the production model of the three parties as introduced to you above.

The production process of TVC advertising professional

  • Agency Get requests from customers (Client)
  • The Agency’s basic requirements are transferred to the concept building department
  • Scenarios with different ideas and content are born, sent back to customers
  • Customers choose and agree to implement production
  • A Storyboard scenario will be sent by the Agency to the film producer (Production House)
  • Casting Casts are scripted and may require Client, usually Grade A actors are usually included in the Client’s previous request with the Agency.
  • Pre-production stage
  • Period of post-production
  • Final handover to the Agency, for the Agency and Client to agree on the N (Normally this time Production House the most painful, by fixing this, there … (Whether contract or not, the customer is still god)
  • Final and airs

To end this sharing, please take a look at some video clips recording the process of implementing a television advertising product. Hope to bring you more insight into this type of advertising, wish you success.

The basic structure of all TVC

Often, a TVC advertises only about 30 seconds depending on the scenario and content of the TVC. But there are also a lot of TVCs that have a lot longer duration but that number is very rare.

The production steps of TVC is no different than the normal video production, the difference of TVC advertising compared to other advertising products that is the content and techniques expressed content in time. ultra short video.

Is it easy or difficult to produce TVC?

Clearly, the production of TVC is extremely difficult, as this is a promotional video that requires a rigorous video layout and ultra-high technology to do. The production of a TVC advertised only 30 seconds, but it was far more difficult than making a 45 minute film.

It is never easy for you to be able to convey the spirit and message of the product and the manufacturer to the customer. Writers who specialize in writing for TVC must always be knowledgeable people, not only in the field of writing but also in the knowledge of culture and religion. In order to convey exactly the message of the product to the right user, TVC is the connection point showing the expertise and sharing support of manufacturers to customers.

Is it easy or difficult to produce TVC?

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